Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Assi Al Hillani - Kid Othalak

Assi Al Hillani's 2000 album is just what you expect from the Lebanese singer/songwriter; a mix of tradition and innovation. The majority of the album is composed by Samir Sfair, and there are two songs by Marwan Khoury. "Maestro" Tarek Aakef arranged most of the songs, and variety is everywhere in his work. In Sahra Ou Lail, Hatha Tab'i, and Majnoun, Aakef's signature sweeping strings dominate, while on Teslamli Eyounek, a haunting piano and mellow ney take over. However, in Kid Othalak, Aakef tries his hand at fusing Khaliji and pop beats. Boudi Naoum arranged the hit Bhebbek We Bghar, a mix of pop beats and sharp strings. He goes for Latin pop with Lali, and Hatha Mou Adel features a melancholic solo violin. Zeina is arranged by Roger Khoury with an upbeat Turkish-style baglama and clarinet. Assi himself composed Ah Mennak, which is arranged by Mohamed Mostafa.

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1. Sahra Ou Lail
2. Bhebbek We Bghar
3. Hatha Tab'i
4. Teslamli Eyounek
5. Ah Mennak
6. Zeina
7. Majnoun
8. El Muhra
9. Lali
10. Hatha Mou Adel
11. Kid Othalak

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