Friday, October 2, 2009

Nancy Zaabalawi - Moustahil

Syrian singer Nancy Zaabalawi is the daughter of a musician, and so music has been a part of her life since she was born. From humble beginnings singing at hotel restaurants, Nancy made it onto Superstar and was a favourite to win. In 2006, Nancy returned to the music scene with her debut album, Moustahil. The album is on the short side with only seven tracks, but there are many gems here that never received the attention they deserved. The album's title song, and only single, is a slow romantic number written/composed by Marwan Khoury and arranged by Bilal El Zein. The song is beautifully arranged and Nancy's voice is full of optimism. Shou Lzakarak is a typical Marwan Khoury-Bilal El Zein collaboration, a ballad with heavy beats and melancholic lyrics, but that's not a bad thing at all. Saheit Men Ez Noumi is a beautiful classically-influenced ballad, composed by Anas Sha'ban and arranged by Hassan Hossami. Aridak is another great song, composed and arranged by Mazen Zawaydi. The lyrics are full of hope and the music is a perfect mix of piano, kanun, and strings. The album's remaining songs: Law Laffeit, Khod Rahtak, and Inta We Bas, are not as innovative but far from bad.

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1. Moustahil
2. Law Laffeit
3. Shou Lzakarak
4. Saheit Men Ez Noumi
5. Inta We Bas
6. Aridak
7. Khod Rahtak

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