Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Warda - Nagham El Hawa

Algerian singer Warda's impressive musical history is impossible to summarize into one album, and this two-disc 1999 compilation does not attempt to achieve that. This compilation is a great look at Warda's early 1990s career versus her earlier, more traditional career. The first disc is a compilation of the best of Warda's work with Salah El Sharnoubi, from 1992 to 1996. Perennial international favorites Batwanness Bik and Harramt Ahebbak are included, as well as some upbeat maksoum songs and mellower ballads. The second disc is a beginner's look into Warda's lengthy, more classical 1970s work, with musical giants Baligh Hamdi (composed Alf Leila We Leila) and Mohamed Abdel Wahab (composed Inta Omri). In 1973, Abdel Wahab originally intended Fi Youm We Leila for the young Mayada El Hennawy, but the ever-competitive Warda won the song for herself, and it became one of her defining hits.

1. Harramt Ahebbak
2. Ya Sayedi
3. Batwanness Bik
4. Malleit Men El Ghorba
5. Erga' Le Hayatak
6. Fein Ayamak
7. Ya Khesara
8. Benkhaf Men El Ein
9. Nar El Ghira

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1. Fi Youm We Leila
2. Khallik Hena

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Waed - Ya Ahlahom

Saudi vocalist Waed's latest album is a great blend of the best that Arabic music has to offer. She explores Lebanese pop, Khaliji ballads, and Egyptian songs all in one album. Musical stars like Tarek Abou Jaoudeh, Hadi Charara, Riyad El Hamshari, Nicolas Saade Nakhle, and even Ramy Ayach, are all present in this colorful album.

1. Inta Hayati
2. Mani Le'ba
3. Ra'shet Albi
4. Hallaftak
5. Ala Min
6. Ya Ahlahom
7. Traktak
8. Ma Teftekersh
9. Sanam Jaamed
10. Eb'ed Anni
11. Inta
12. Khan

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Laura Khalil - Hata'mel Eih

Laura Khalil's 2003 album was a palette of various styles that she explored. The main single of the album, Abadan, is a remake of a Greek song, while other songs like Leileh Habibi and Hata'mel Eih have a more Arabic feel to the composition. Arabi is an interesting song also, in which Laura explores various Arabic dialects and styles, in a way comparable to Maya Nasri's Shou Fiha Law.

1. Abadan
2. Hata'mel Eih
3. Leileh Habibi
4. Bhebbak
5. Arabi
6. Tekram Ainak
7. Yal Weil

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Abdullah El Ruwaished - 1990

Abdullah El Ruwaished's lengthy career in Arabic music has earned him the title of "Ambassador of Khaliji song". It is hard to believe almost two decades have passed since this album was first released. The album is a typical Khaliji album with very little pop influence. I personally enjoy Ruwaished's early work much more than his latest offerings.

1. Eshghayedh El Nass
2. Oweisheg
3. Te'atharli
4. Hatha Habibi
5. Atba' Galbi
6. Ya Hebbek
7. Negtat El Taghyir
8. El Hamd Le Allah

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Najwa Karam - Naghmet Hob

After the disappointing sales of her third album, Ana Ma'kon, Naghmet Hob was a welcome addition to Najwa's budding repertoire in 1994. The album's biggest hits, Law Habbaytak and Naghmet Hob, were composed by Imad Chamseddine, who is one of Najwa's permanent team today. The rest of the songs are composed by the equally talented George Marderosian. The album was an instant hit, and started Najwa's journey with Rotana, which grew with her over the past fourteen years.

1. Law Habbaytak
2. La La
3. Law Ma Kenna
5. El Ers
6. Helm El Nar
7. Woroud El Dar
8. Naghmet Hob

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Katia Harb - Katia

Katia Harb's fourth and most successful album was one of 2004's best. Titled simply Katia, the album itself cannot be described so simply. Katia worked with a wide range of the top names in the industry: Marwan Khoury, Tarek Abou Jaoudeh, Khaled Ez, Hadi Charara, Guy Manoukian, Imad Chamseddine, Amr Mustafa, and Walid Saad, among many others. The album is primarily in the Lebanese and Egyptian dialects, and with one song in the Gulf/Khaliji dialect. The music styles vary from tarab and dabke to electronic pop and ballads. Enjoy this relatively rare CD from Katia, whom is nowhere to be seen nowadays.

1. Ad El Hob
2. Abadan
3. El Talla
4. Sa'ban Alaya
5. Dellouni
6. Ta'ebt
7. Ya Trekni Fel
8. Sehr Eyouni
9. Men Eini
10. Ma Fina (Guy Manoukian Remix)
11. Ajmal Ghenniyeh (Hadi Charara Remix)
12. Abadan (Beirut Biloma Dance Remix)

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You can download the original single version of Ma Fina below. It's a video rip, but I still prefer it to the remix:

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sabah - Sabah Favourites

Sabah's career, one of the longest of any Arab artist, spans from the mid-twentieth century, when she rubbed shoulders with some of the greatest Arab artists, such as Baligh Hamdi, Farid Al Atrache, and Abdel Halim Hafez. Even today, in semi-retirement and as her 82nd birthday approaches, her name is famous and she almost singlehandedly secured Rola Saad's fame. This album gives you a mere taste of Sabah's rich reportoire, and especially her Lebanese works. For fans of Sabah's duets with Rola, this album includes the Egyptian song Ali Ya Ali also, which was used in their Dalouaa medley.


1. Ah Ya Zein
2. Ali Ya Ali
3. Allo Beirut
4. Aal Nadda Nadda
5. Aal Rozana
6. Aal Asfourieh
7. Wasaltina Le Noss El Bir
8. Ghaltan Bel Nemra
9. Aal Rayeh Wel Jay
10. Jina El Dar
11. Ya Em El Eyoun El Attaleh

Part 1
Part 2
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