Monday, July 13, 2009

Nawal - Nawal 1998

Nawal's 1998 album is another solid effort from Kuwait's top female vocalist. As always, the album has top names in the list of composers. Saudi singer-songwriter Rabeh Sagr composed three songs, La Shak Terdhini, Hobbek Aadi, and Nesani. Top composers like Kuwaiti Abdallah El Gaoud and Saudi Nasser El Saleh are here too with Tedhak Wana Abki (El Gaoud), as well as Ana El Mas'oul and Ya Sidehom (El Saleh). Mish'al El Orouj, who composed most of Nawal's hits in the past decade, has one song, Tekfoun Khallouh. The entire album is arranged by Egyptian musician Tarek Aakef and produced by Rabeh Sagr and Mish'al El Orouj.

1. La Shak Terdhini
2. Hobbek Aadi
3. Tedhak Wana Abki
4. Ya Msabber El Maw'oud
5. El Hob El Khaled
6. Nesani
7. Ana El Mas'oul
8. Ya Sidehom
9. Tekfoun Khallouh

256 Kbps + Covers

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