Sunday, December 13, 2009

Latifa - Atehadda

When news of Latifa's Khaliji album came to light, the air of skepticism was undeniable. Latifa has proven us wrong once again, however. After wowing audiences with Ziad Rahbani in 2006, and again with Egyptian pop in Fel Kam Youm Ell Fatou in 2008, Latifa has done it again. While Fella's Khaliji album had a Saudi focus, and Yara's an Emirati one, Latifa's has a Qatari one. As with her previous albums, Latifa tends to excel with slower-tempo songs and she has quite a few excellent ones here, as well as a number of genres. The album has Khaliji pop, like Mamlouh, Atehadda, Wesh Aad Endak, and Ma Yestahel. Then there are songs that mix genres. Einek Le Bara, the story of a lover with wandering eyes, has an interesting gypsy flavor. Ya Anani, arranged by Egyptian-born Ali Abaza, is closer to the Egyptian pop Latifa usually sings. Ana Men Nah Winta Men Nah, composed by George Marderosian, is a fun reminder of the composer's work in the 1990s. Kel Wahed, Ma Jeitni, and Habbeina Gheirah are heartfelt modern ballads, while Weinek Ta'al, Ya Sahrin El Leil and Sabberna Yalli Msabberna are rich, more traditional pieces. Latifa may not have mastered the accent as well as other singers this year, but the album is solid, albeit it could have done without some of the faster tracks.

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1. Mamlouh
2. Einek Le Bara
3. Atehadda
4. Ma Jeitni
5. Ya Anani
6. Kel Wahed
7. Ana Men Nah Winta Men Nah
8. Wesh Aad Endak
9. Weinek Ta'al
10. Hallaftkom
11. Ya Sahrin El Leil
12. Habbeina Gheirah
13. Sabberni Yalli Msabberna

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! said...

I did not know that she had gone and committed a Khaleeji album! Frankly, I have never cared much for Latifa; she is an OK singer, but I find her choice of songs and arrangement at best tedious; her last album in all its '80s experimental electronic folk jazz influence did my head in. So I'm willing to give her a second chance!

Tabbouche said...

I thought her last album (Fel Kam Youm Elli Fatou), which I should post for the sake of the archive :P, was quite good! This one is nowhere near it. Fella and Yara have her beat.

! said...

Having listened to some of the songs off this album (I almost never listen to an entire album at once, unless it's a short one), I must say I quite like it. I like both the poppier songs and the more traditional ones, I found the rhythm section of "Sabberni Yalli Msabberna" quite interesting, and the title track is also quite pleasant. Vocally I think maybe she's taken some inspiration from Asala's Khaleeji efforts? I don't think I know many Qatari singers, so if you could recommend me some, that would be great too. As always, thank you ever so much for sharing your music collection with us.

Tabbouche said...

I'm glad you liked it :).