Saturday, July 10, 2010

George Wassouf - Heya El Ayam

Vocal deterioration and a penchant for the fast life aside, it is hard to find a man who can still deliver a oriental music like George Wassouf does. Heya El Ayam, the Sultan's 2006 offering is impeccable, and deserved far more attention than Wassouf gave it. A mix of powerful ballads and dance tunes. The album opens with the title song, which features Amjad El Atefi and Tony Saba at their best. Everything from the bouzouk and the strings to the mizmar and the accordion is melded perfectly and sounds beautiful. Bastanna Bel Youm Wel Youmein invites Adel Aayesh's signature Turkish-style G (sol) clarinet into the mix into a more modern ballad, typical of Walid Saad. Haninak Hanini marks one of the few (but great) Lebanese songs that Wassouf has sung, albeit with less powerful lyrics than Helef El Amar. The song is quintessential Tarek Abou Jaoudeh, Tony Saba's arrangement shines here as well, with more bouzouk and flowing strings. Khsert Kol El Nas is one of Walid Saad's best songs, and brings back the G clarinet and low-pitched strings in a great ballad. Ghadr El Nas, a thoroughly Egyptian affair, is less engaging, and perhaps because Wassouf's vocals falter with notes better suited to Nour Mhanna's flawless voice. With Mestanni Menni Eih, Adel Aayesh takes a more Egyptian approach also with a mix of kanun, ney, and strings. Despite some nice solos, the song is not a standout and fades into the background. After a feast of oriental instruments for the ears, Mazen Zawaydi's choice of synths in El Zaman Dawwar is a bit of a letdown, and the song is nothing overly interesting. Leilet Wada'na, the album's sole single, is an excellent note to end on. Tony Saba brings restless strings, the oud, rebab, and ney together to accent a great piece by Amjad El Atefi.

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1. Heya El Ayam
2. Bastanna Bel Youm Wel Youmein
3. Haninak Hanini
4. Khsert Kol El Nas
5. Ghadr El Nas
6. Mestanni Menni Eih
7. El Zaman Dawwar
8. Leilet Wada'na (Ya Habibi)

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