Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fella - Tashakkourat

Like Asalah, Fella Ababsa comes from a musical family and is the daughter of renowned Algerian musician Abdelhamid Ababsa. Fella's aunt Laila, sister Naima, and brother Najib, are popular singers in their home country as well. Baligh Hamdi, who musically adopted Mayada El Hennawi and Samira Said before her, and Sabah supported Fella's entry into the Egyptian music scene. Fella was soon jailed and banned from Egypt, but the reasons for career-crippling ban remain unclear. Fella returned to Algeria, and she became one of the country's most famous modern singers. Years later, Fella finally used her connections in Lebanon to sign a contract with Rotana and work on a new album.

Tashakkourat was composed by some of Lebanon's top composers; Elias Rahbani, Tarek Abou Jaoudeh, Azar Habib, and George Marderosian. Much like her life, Fella's music has a bit of everything, and she even sings in Turkish on Tashakkourat and French on Kan. Shaka Baka and the title song are the sort of upbeat song Fella excels in, while Dakhlak Ya Lail is in Elias Rahbani's signature style. Kan feels like a French ballad, while Abkaitani feels more oriental. In 2001, Tashakkourat introduced her to the Arab world finally, and the playful Fella has slowly become one of the staples of the Arabic music scene.

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1. Mahlan Alay
2. Tashakkourat
3. Shared
4. Helmak
5. Kan
6. Man An
7. Shaka Baka
8. Dakhlak Ya Lail
9. Abkaitani
10. Kan [French Version]

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