Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Layal - Fi Shouq

Lebanese singer Layal's debut album makes the most of her relatively limited vocal range. The young singer sang at various Beirut cafes and restaurants before finally meeting with musicians like Richard Najm, Tony Abi Karam, and Salim Salameh The album has a variety of styles, covering Egyptian and Lebanese ballads as well as a shot at Iraqi chobi. Her first single, Hawasi Kella, is included as well as an unexpected collaboration with Ihsan El Mounzer, who arranged Mashghoul Bali Alaik. Easily Jad Sawaya's most (professionally) serious artist so far, Layal's debut album is a good start, with lots of room to improve.

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1. Fi Shouq
2. Hawasi Kella
3. Abouya Alli
4. Mashghoul Bali Alaik
5. Am Behlamak
6. Wen Ya Wen
7. Chobi
8. Albi Yomma

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256 Kbps + Covers


Anonymous said...

but her voice :(

Tabbouche said...

You're welcome, but yeah I guess so :D.