Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mayada El Hennawi - Na'met El Nesyan

Alongside songs like El Hob Elli Kan (Kan Ya Ma Kan) and Habbeina, Na'met El Nesyan is one of the great songs that established Mayada El Hennawi in the Egyptian music scene. The center of Arabic music at the time, Cairo was bustling with new Arab talent from all corners of the Middle East. Na'met El Nesyan roughly translates into "The Blessing of Forgetting". It is written by Omar Batiesha and composed by Farouq Salama, the accordionist who was became famous as a part of Oum Kalthoum's orchestra. The song is in the traditional tarab style, with a traditional strings, ney, and kanun orchesta, as well as the keyboard and bassline which added a touch of modernity back in 1982. Na'met El Nesyan is approximately 47 minutes long, typical of 1940s-1980s music.

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1. Na'met El Nesyan

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