Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rouwaida Attieh - Men Nazra

Rouwaida Attieh emerged as the first runner-up on the first season of Superstar, but the popularity that she, and second runner-up Melhem Zein garnered quite easily rivaled winner Diana Karazon's. While Melhem and Diana worked with a wide range of lyrcists and musicians, Rouwaida was musically adopted by Imad Shamseddine, a man who had been on Najwa Karam's musical team for over a decade. Arrangers include Adel Aayesh, Ali Safa (who arranged the hit title song), Medhat Khamis, and Ahmed Adel, who gives the hit Ta'ebt Ma'ak the Egyptian flavor the song calls for. The album is made up of Lebanese and Egyptian songs, although the fact there is only one true dabke song, Men Nazra, seems a crime when Rouwaida is one of the few women who have conquered the genre. While there are some must-listen good songs like Ta'ebt Ma'ak, Men Nazra, and A Min El Loum, the album as a whole felt old and it is simply Rouwaida's voice that carries it. It's just as well Khissamak Mur did Rouwaida's talent justice finally in 2006, with a much bigger team of musicians that still included Imad Shamseddine.

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1. Rahet Sana
2. Ta'ebt Ma'ak

3. Leih
4. Men Nazra
5. Maktoubli
6. A Min El Loum
7. Hasamt El Amr

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Jonne said...

Thanks for the upload :) Men nazra is a nice dabke song :D

Tabbouche said...

You're welcome, and yes it is, enjoy!