Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Najwa Karam - Rouh Rouhi

Rouh Rouhi is one of the songs that instantly come to mind when thinking of Najwa Karam's lengthy repertoire. The album opens with Atshaneh, which in the vein of Pascale Machaalani's Albi and Samira Said's Al Bal, has the distinct Indian flavor which was popular at the time. The remainder of the album is made up of more Lebanese-style dabke songs and ballads. Imad Shamseddine dominates most of the album, and composed the hit title song too. Wissam El Amir composed In Raddayt Alayk and Joseph Joha composed El Wafiyeh and Areftou Albi La Min, another heartfelt and unforgettable song. Like most of Najwa's late-1990s albums, Tarek Aakef arranged all of the songs.

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1. Atshaneh
2. Areftou Albi La Min
3. Rouh Rouhi
4. Kif Bdawik
5. Ma Berda Ghairak
6. El Wafiyeh
7. In Raddayt Alayk

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