Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fairuz - The Very Best of Fairuz

The prospect of compiling a greatest hits album for Fairuz must have been daunting to say the least. While this album is by no means the definitive collection, nor does it include all of her iconic hits, it is a quick taste of what made this woman into the legend she is today. The album has many styles, ranging from folk music and Arabic pop to classical renditions and European styles. There are samplings of her work from the stage and the screen, such as Ya Moukhtar El Makhatir and Ya Tair, as well as songs that have reach iconic status such as A'tini El Naya, Addaysh Kan Fi Nas, and Habbaitak Bel Saif. The fact that at least half of the songs on this album have been covered or translated into different languages is a testament to the legacy that Fairuz, Ambassador to the Stars, has left.

1. Habbaitak Bel Saif
2. Addaysh Kan Fi Nas
3. Zahrat El Mada'en
4. Ya Moukhtar El Makhatir
5. Shadi
6. Kan El Zaman
7. El Eds El Ati'a
8. Shayef El Bahr Shou Kbir
9. Ya Ana Ya Ana
10. A'tini El Naya
11. Sanarja'ou Yawman
12. El Bint El Shalabiyeh
13. Ya Tair
14. Dabket Lebnan

256 Kbps + Covers

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