Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kadim Al Sahir - Ila Tilmitha

Kadim Al Sahir rarely disappoints, but from time to time come works that are unforgettable. Ila Tilmitha tones down the pop, and while the classical songs are impeccable, the album has a focus on Iraqi songs. The album opens with Ahebbini, a song he has yet to eclipse. The song takes a beautiful Nizar Qabbani poem, couples it with one of Kadim's most powerful compositions yet, and rich, classically-influenced oriental arrangement by Hisham Niyaz. Furshat Raml El Bahr, which Shahd Barmada professed she loved, is an intimate song about lovers on the beach. Ila Tilmitha is a thoroughly oriental affair with one of Nizar Qabbani's most famous poems. The song is arranged beautifully, with moody strings, a calm accordion, and heavy percussion. Sayedat Omri is another heartfelt song, with a slower pace but the same rich feel to the music. Eih Ya'ni changes things up a little, with a more jalsa-style sound, and is another gem. Sayeghin El Thahab, Emshi Bhadawa, and May Ward are lighthearted Iraqi pop songs, while Eshsar Eshda'wa is a full-on Iraqi chobi song. The album closes with Ashkou Ayaman, Kadim's first and less famous duet with Asma Lmnawar. While the song is not the mess Kabberi Aqlaki is, it is more of a recitation when compared to the genre-defining songs that precede it on this album. Ila Tilmitha is a great introduction to the music of the Caesar Al Tarab Kadim Al Sahir.

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1. Ahebbini Bila Ouqadi
2. Furshat Raml El Bahr
3. Ila Tilmitha
4. Sayeghin El Thahab
5. Emshi Bhadawa
6. Sayedat Omri
7. Kabberi Aqlaki
8. Mawal Ghorfat El Mekyaj
9. May Ward
10. Eih Ya'ni
11. Mawal Dhagat Alaya
12. Eshsar Eshda'wa
13. Ashkou Ayaman (with Asma Lmnawar)

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