Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pascale Machaalani - Bhebbak Ana Bhebbak

Bhebbak Ana Bhebbak is Pascale's latest album, although the length would suggest a maxi single. The title song opens the album on a nostalgic note, and with a concert atmosphere. The song is repetitive, but Melhem Bou Shdid's arrangement holds the song together and is worth a listen even as background music. The album's strongest song is Sallemlak Albi, composed by Mohamed Yehia, the video for which was released this week. The song has simplistic arrangement that works coupled with a catchy chorus and Pascale's beautiful voice. Red Alayeh sounds just like most of her 2007 album, and even the beautiful ney solos aren't worth braving the five minute song. With the recent resurgence of dabke in pop music, Mahboubi Jnoubi was to be expected, but the song is easily forgotten. Habibi Gheir is another Bou Shdid composition, but mixes things up with some great bouzouk solos and strings which make the song very enjoyable. The album ends with Nafs El Makan, composed by Nader Nour, which is a standard Egyptian ballad. To say Pascale's 2009 return was underwhelming would be an understatement, but it's worth braving the mediocrity for some of the brighter spots on this album. It's safe to say that the excitement once associated with the release of a Pascale album has dissipated.

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1. Bhebbek Ana Bhebbak (Nawi Trouh)
2. Sallemlak Albi
3. Red Alayeh (Wainak Ya Ghali)
4. Mahboubi Jnoubi
5. Habibi Gheir
6. Nafs El Makan

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Mornaax said...

My dear, where can i get lyrics in english for these music? Not just this one, but all of them?


Tabbouche said...

Try, you can request there in the Arabic forum :).

Mornaax said...

Thank you! Keep the good job :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great job .. Do u have "akbar kedba" or any more albums for her?
thanks in advance

parviziyi said...

There's no accounting for taste. Tabbouche says Pascale's "Mahboubi Jnoubi" is a forgettable song, whereas to my ears it's got Pascale's best singing over the past five years. It's one song that I won't be forgetting to listen to again, lots of times, over the next five years.