Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rouwaida Attieh - Khissamak Mur

Syrian singer Rouwaida Attieh was one of the favorites to win the first season of Superstar from the beginning of her run. Rouwaida made it to the finals and took second place, losing to Jordanian contestant Diana Karazon. However, she signed a record deal with Al Shams Arts as soon as the program had ended and her debut album came soon after. Though the album underwhelmed fans, Rouwaida did not waiver and returned in 2006 with a less rushed album, Khissamak Mur. Unlike her previous album, which was composed solely by Imad Shamseddine, the new album added veterans like Salah El Sharnoubi, Walid Saad, George Marderosian, Nizar Abdallah, Riyad El Hamshari, and Wissam El Amir to the roster also. Like Imad Shamseddine, Marderosian was and El Amir is an instrumental part of Najwa Karam's career. Like she did in her previous album, Rouwaida leans more towards slow and/or melancholic songs. Khissamak Mur, Waheshni Wallah, Rah Fein El Hob, are all slow, classic-style songs. Arguably the album's best song, Jerouhi is in the typical Saoud El Sharbatli/Wissam El Amir collaboration style. The song starts with a mawal and then swtiches to a much faster pace, similar to the duo's work on Najwa Karam's Ya Dounya and Ammant Galbi. For those who like dabke, Rouwaida does not disappoint (like she did in her previous album). Ala El Mani and Oloub Melyaneh, both instant hits, are in the dabke style which her sublime voice excels in.


1. Ala El Mani
2. Ma Hallak
3. Jerouhi
4. Tawe'li El Alam
5. Ana Man
6. Ensa
7. Oloub Melyaneh
8. Rah Fein El Hob
9. Waheshni Wallah
10. Khissamak Mur

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