Friday, May 8, 2009

Hind - El Ghoroub

Hind's 2004 album was not met with the media fanfare its successor did, but it is a solid album. Unlike Hind 2008, El Ghoroub features a lot more fellow Bahraini talent like veteran Khaled El Sheikh, man of the moment Ahmed El Hermi, and arranger Siruz. Like most of her albums, this record is made up of mostly traditional Khaliji ballads, with a few more upbeat songs like Inta Wana Wel Shoug, Khalas, and Ma Gedart Asber. The album has mostly traditional instrumentation, though Siruz makes interesting use of "oriental" saxophone on Majnoun. There is also an interesting R&B track, Sahi Ou Lahi, also composed by Siruz.

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1. Inta Wana Wel Shoug
2. Khalas
3. Ya Hasafa
4. Tajruba Murra
5. Jerouh Dafina
6. Sahi Ou Lahi
7. Majnoun
8. Tejahelni
9. Ta'al
10. Ma Gedart Asber
11. El Ghoroub

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