Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Najwa Karam - Ya Habayeb

Ya Habayeb is Najwa's debut studio album. It was released in 1989, but this rip is from the second edition from 1995. This album is a great example of Najwa Karam's beginnings with composers she has not worked with in a long time now, such as Samir Sfair and Suhail Fares. Samir's style has changed considerably, and Najwa works primarily with Imad Chamseddine and Wissam El Amir nowadays. The album is very "Arabic", with tarab-style songs as well as dabke and mawals. It is definitely worth a listen.

1. Ya Habayeb
2. We Ygoulou Rjou'ou Garib
3. Khalli Ketfak A Ketfi
4. Ma Baddi Eyounak
5. De'i Ya Tboul
6. El Haq Alayeh
7. Baladiyat

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