Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Diana Karazon - El Omr Mashi

Diana Karazon's second album was less rushed than her debut, and there is a marked difference in style. None of the musicians on Diana's first album are here, but the list is impressive nonetheless with Samir Sfair, Riyad El Hamshari, Ahmed El Hermi, Tarek Madkour, and Tarek Aakef in the mix. The title song, with Nizar Francis' romantic lyrics, Samir Sfair's upbeat composition, and Tarek Madkour's favorite beat, was an instant hit. Min Bi Fekrak, which has the same team, is in the same vein, but more interesting with more engaging composition. Inta Mashi Bgad, composed by Wahid Mamdouh and arranged by Amr Abdel Aziz, is a shot at Egyptian tarab, but apart from the nostalgic value, it has little else. Tarek Aakef experimentation makes Samir Sfair's Khallina Netmarmar a fun song, with Latin, Indian, and Egyptian influences mixed into a quintessential Lebanese song. Hebni Doum, composed and arranged by Ahmed El Hermi, may be labeled a Khaliji song but it sounds more like something from a Disney epic, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Lamma Teb'a Habibi, composed by Riyad El Hamshari, is more Egyptian tarab, but with playful lyrics and upbeat arrangement, it is much more enjoyable than Inta Mashi Bgad. A cross between lounge music and ballad, Mahala is Diana Karazon's first Jordanian song. It's one of the best on the album, with flowing strings, an assortment of reed instruments, electric guitar, and Indian tabla. The upbeat Tes'alni is a more traditional Khaliji song from Ahmed El Hermi and Siruz, and it's almost as good as El Shar Barra We Be'id. The album closes with We Bada't A'ish, an irresistibly catchy maksoum song from Riyad El Hamshari, which Diana's voice takes to real heights.

1. El Omr Mashi
2. Min Bi Fekrak
3. Inta Mashi Bgad
4. Khallini Netmarmar
5. Hebni Doum
6. Lamma Teb'a Habibi
7. Mahala
8. Tes'alni
9. We Bada't A'ish

256 Kbps + Covers

Note: Tes'alni is missing, and I do not have the CD right now, I will update the topic in the future, sorry!


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