Monday, January 11, 2010

Ziad Rahbani - Ana Moush Kafer

Being born to Fairuz and Assi Rahbani (the more musical half of the Rahbani Brothers), Ziad must have had huge shoes to fill. In the great tradition of his family, Ziad became a musician, and he plays the piano and the bouzouk, not to mention a lyricist and playwright. Much like the Rahbani Brothers revived traditional Arabic music and introduced it to classical European music, Ziad became a revolutionary. He is best known for being a pioneer of the oriental jazz genre, and is behind many of Fairuz's later hits, such as Kifak Inta, Ma Edert Ensit, and Habbaitak Tansit El Nawm. His knowledge of all these musical styles, along with his sharp views, combines to create something rare. Ana Moush Kafer, musically a piece in the vein of traditional mouwashahat is combined with satirical colloquial lyrics about the corrupt who hide behind faith. Shou Hal Ayam, my personal favorite, opens with a piano solo, played in the style of a kanun solo. The song then continues with a haunting mix of classical east and west, and lyrics about corruption. Aal Nizam is a commentary on the state of society, but the music sounds like something out of a Rahbani Brothers' play, and the ending transforms into an African-style chant. Shou Ada Ma Bada is a prime example of Ziad's playful oriental jazz, while Ysa'ed We Y'in returns to more oriental roots with oud and bouzouk. Bhal Yawmain is another creative political commentary where Sami Hawat's voice shines. Bharf El Shin is a cheekily-titled instrumental piece with bouzouk set to a jazz beat, and Ziad's seemingly intoxicated snickering. The album ends with Bhannik, a classically-influenced and highly satirical dedication to the Lebanese presidency, and Al Mokawama Al Watania Al Lobnania, a more sober song for Lebanon, sung by Farouk Kosa.

1. Ana Moush Kafer
2. Shou Hal Ayam
3. Aal Nizam
4. Shou Ada Ma Bada
5. Ysa'ed We Y'in
6. Bhal Yawmain
7. Bharf El Shin
8. Bhannik
9. Al Mokawama Al Watania Al Lobnania

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Anonymous said...

السلام عليكم
هل ممكن ان تعدل لينك البوم ديانا كرازون و لو ممكن انك تجيبلنا البوم العمر ماشي وشكرا للمجهودات الرائعة

Tabbouche said...

Diana Karazon link fixed, El Omr Mashi next week inshallah.