Thursday, January 28, 2010

Latifa - Fel Kam Youm Elli Fatou

After radically changing her style in Ma'loumat Akideh, Latifa returned to Egyptian pop in 2008, and it is arguably her best pop album to date. The album has a good share of western influence and rich, traditional instrumentation. The title song, which was a huge departure for composer Walid Saad, mixed traditional strings and percussion with the latest French electro music fad, Tecktonik. The idea was Latifa's, and Tamim did a great job bringing it to life. Ana Arfa is written as a frank telephone call between a woman and her friend, and about why her lover refuses to reconcile with her. The arrangement is simple but rich, and reminiscent of Tamer Ali and Tamim's work on Elissa's Awakher El Sheta. The popular Ya Aghla Alb combines a quintessential Egyptian song with a dabke beat, electric baglama, and sharp strings. Sebni Shiwaya is another hybrid, with traditional low-pitched strings and understated percussion, while the composition could easily be used for a western-style ballad. Hankhaf Men Min's romantic lyrics are complimented by simple and relaxed arrangement from Touma. Ana Omri Ma Hansak has less engaging composition, but the arrangement is solid on Medhat Khamis' part, sounding like a remastered classic. Law Faker is a catchy power ballad, but the arrangement seems a bit lackluster for Tamim's usual work. Bi Yekdeb is Tamer Ali at his best, and the ballad opens with a beautiful ney solo, and then turns into a more jazzy number while still maintaining an oriental air. Konna Zaman, is probably the weakest song, and while it has interesting lyrics, the composition is noisy to say the least. Faker Eih and the cheesy Marina are both Latin numbers, and are fun but forgettable. The album also has songs that harken back to Latifa's early career. Rouhi Betrod Feya, composed by Amjad El Atefi, is a simple love song. Law Sahran Habibi, by Iraqi oud virtuoso Naseer Shamma, is also a beautiful love song, but the orchestra here is bigger and the music, especially the oud, is much more engaging.

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1. Fel Kam Youm Elli Fatou
2. Ana Arfa
3. Ya Aghla Alb
4. Sebni Shiwaya
5. Hankhaf Men Min
6. Ana Omri Ma Hansak
7. Law Faker
8. Bi Yekdeb
9. Konna Zaman
10. Rouhi Betrod Feya
11. Faker Eih
12. Law Sahran Habibi
13. Marina

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