Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Karol Sakr - 009

Perhaps one of 2009's most anticipated albums, Karol Sakr's 009 was finally released in May after months of delays. The change in style is evident with Tarek Abou Jaoudeh gone, and the focus shifts from ballads to pop songs. The album opens with Gheltan Ktir, a reworked version of Ajda Pekkan's Aynen Öyle, albeit credited to Jean Saliba. The song fits Karol's emotive voice perfectly, while Elie Barbar and Cem Erken's arrangement could have used some acoustic instruments. Bi Albi, composed by Hisham Boulos, is infectiously catchy and even the way the auto-tuner drowns Karol's voice works. The only complaints lie with the interlude's resemblance to Guru Josh's Infinity 2008, especially when the beautiful strings that end the song could have easily replaced it. For the first time, Karol has two Egyptian songs here, and Hadi Sharara gets more experimental with their arrangement. Ertah We Rayyahni is catchy pop, while the popular Eih El Gedid is a more R&B-influenced track. The songs most like Karol's previous album arrive in the middle, with Salim Salameh and Wissam El Amir's songs. Jerh Ghiyabak, the first only single from the album, is in classic Hadi Sharara ballad form sans the focus on strings. We Btes'al Shou Beni is a more laidback ballad, but finally ushers in more real instruments with beautiful accordion solos and strings. Ha'ak Alayeh continues the trend and adds a bouzouk to the mix, in a catchy jazz-influenced number. Melhem Barakat returns with a very different song from Da'et Albak. Horr Tsadde'ni has a much more traditional approach, and while the instrumentation is beautiful, you can't help but feel that the song would have been better suited to Najwa Karam or Melhem himself.

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1. Gheltan Ktir
2. Bi Albi
3. Ertah We Rayyahni
4. Eih El Gedid
5. Jerh Ghiyabak
6. We Btes'al Shou Beni (Ma'i Ou Mish Ma'i)
7. Ha'ak Alayeh
8. Horr Tsadde'ni
9. Gheltan Ktir (Extended)

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