Friday, July 25, 2008

Laura Khalil - Hata'mel Eih

Laura Khalil's 2003 album was a palette of various styles that she explored. The main single of the album, Abadan, is a remake of a Greek song, while other songs like Leileh Habibi and Hata'mel Eih have a more Arabic feel to the composition. Arabi is an interesting song also, in which Laura explores various Arabic dialects and styles, in a way comparable to Maya Nasri's Shou Fiha Law.

1. Abadan
2. Hata'mel Eih
3. Leileh Habibi
4. Bhebbak
5. Arabi
6. Tekram Ainak
7. Yal Weil

Download Here
256 Kbps + Covers


Enis said...

Please tabbouche, can you update the link ? "The file could not be found". Thanks in advance. :)

Tabbouche said...

I am re-uploading right now ;).

Enis said...

Merci. :)