Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Katia Harb - Katia

Katia Harb's fourth and most successful album was one of 2004's best. Titled simply Katia, the album itself cannot be described so simply. Katia worked with a wide range of the top names in the industry: Marwan Khoury, Tarek Abou Jaoudeh, Khaled Ez, Hadi Charara, Guy Manoukian, Imad Chamseddine, Amr Mustafa, and Walid Saad, among many others. The album is primarily in the Lebanese and Egyptian dialects, and with one song in the Gulf/Khaliji dialect. The music styles vary from tarab and dabke to electronic pop and ballads. Enjoy this relatively rare CD from Katia, whom is nowhere to be seen nowadays.

1. Ad El Hob
2. Abadan
3. El Talla
4. Sa'ban Alaya
5. Dellouni
6. Ta'ebt
7. Ya Trekni Fel
8. Sehr Eyouni
9. Men Eini
10. Ma Fina (Guy Manoukian Remix)
11. Ajmal Ghenniyeh (Hadi Charara Remix)
12. Abadan (Beirut Biloma Dance Remix)

Download Here
256 Kbps + Covers

You can download the original single version of Ma Fina below. It's a video rip, but I still prefer it to the remix:

Download Here
192 Kbps


parviziyi said...

Thank you Tabbouche for this fine offering. I love Katia Harb's voice and general musical style. I wonder why she's nowhere to be seen these days. I heard a rumour that she has become a nun!

Tabbouche said...

You're welcome :). I highly doubt she became a nun :P, she was studying faiths is what I heard her say in 2005 I think on TV. That was before she had completely disappeared though, so God only knows what she's up to!

parviziyi said...

I thank you again, tabbouche, for this CD. After listening to it a couple of times, however, I find I definitely prefer Katia Harb's earlier albums to this one. "Al Bab Al Aali" is Katia Harb's best album in my opinion. That album is now totally out of print but can be freely downloaded at:
(Also at

"Al Bab Al Aali" is very similar in musical asthetics to Najwa Karam around the year 1995. As we know, Najwa later transitioned to other aesthetics with generally good results. I suppose that unless Katia Harb could be similarly successful in making a transition, she's probably best to rest on her laurels.

Tabbouche said...

This album has varying degrees of success I agree. I personally for example didn't like the songs Amr Mostafa composed for her (El Talla, Sa'ban Alaya). Ya Trekni Fel is a great way to harken back to her old style. Apart from the aforementioned two songs, I liked the whole album :). Thanks for stopping by again!

parviziyi said...

Ya Trekni Fel is a good way to evolve her old style, agreed. But Sahr Eyouni is unmitigated stale Britpop, which is -- although from the technical composition point of view undoubtely quite polished -- a step in the wrong direction aesthetically. I think that should be agreed to by those of us who love the Arab aesthetics.