Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sabah - Sabah Favourites

Sabah's career, one of the longest of any Arab artist, spans from the mid-twentieth century, when she rubbed shoulders with some of the greatest Arab artists, such as Baligh Hamdi, Farid Al Atrache, and Abdel Halim Hafez. Even today, in semi-retirement and as her 82nd birthday approaches, her name is famous and she almost singlehandedly secured Rola Saad's fame. This album gives you a mere taste of Sabah's rich reportoire, and especially her Lebanese works. For fans of Sabah's duets with Rola, this album includes the Egyptian song Ali Ya Ali also, which was used in their Dalouaa medley.


1. Ah Ya Zein
2. Ali Ya Ali
3. Allo Beirut
4. Aal Nadda Nadda
5. Aal Rozana
6. Aal Asfourieh
7. Wasaltina Le Noss El Bir
8. Ghaltan Bel Nemra
9. Aal Rayeh Wel Jay
10. Jina El Dar
11. Ya Em El Eyoun El Attaleh

Part 1
Part 2
256 Kbps + Covers

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