Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pascale Machaalani - Akhed Aqli

Pascale Machaalani's sultry voice can make any song sound good, but unlike her 2006 album Akbar Kidba Bi Hayati, she throws diversity out the window here. Unlike many singers who have relied on a particular musician or team for their hits, Pascale's hits have come from many of the top musicians. However Melhem Bou Shdid, who usually used to oversee the arrangement of her albums, composed most of the songs here. Though not a stranger to composing hits, being the man behind Shou Amaltellak Ana? and Sa'beh Eish Men Dounak, his style gets repetitive fast. The album opens with Am Yemda El Wa't, a rich ballad which despite its length remains a crowd pleaser. The title song, a cover of the hit Turkish song Adresi Biliyorsun by Nalan. The arrangement is given a refreshing update by Aytekin Kurt, but the section before the chorus is removed completely. Ba'adetna El Masafeh is a mellow ballad, with a relatively catchy tune and typical but enjoyable arrangement. Awlak Ya Albi, composed by Yehya El Hassan, is in the same vein with addition of a ney. Wainak Ya Ensan, though a beautiful song, has limited appeal as a song written about the 2006 Lebanese War. Tghayart Alayeh, which was the first single, is another warm ballad, despite the sometimes outdated feel about the music. Ana Lamma Shoftak, composed by Tamer Ashour, is by no means bad but an unexciting ballad. Ardak Hawn changes the pace with a short mawal and an interesting song about the issue of emigration. Ah Ya Layali, a shot at Egyptian sha'bi, is catchier than Khallik Fi Halak, but one can't help but feel that someone with Pascale's history can do so much better.

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1. Am Yemda El Wa't
2. Akhed Aqli
3. Ba'adetna El Masafeh
4. Awlak Ya Albi
5. Wainak Ya Ensan
6. Khallik Fi Halak
7. Tghayart Alayeh
8. Ana Lamma Shoftak
9. Ardak Hawn
10. Ah Ya Layali

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