Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shahd Barmada - Ba'd Elli Sar

One of the gems found on the countless television talent shows, Shahd Barmada managed to stay on people's minds for years until she finally released her debut album in 2009. With the sweetness of Nancy Ajram, and the grace of Mayada El Hennawi, Shahd Barmada is another very promising new Syrian voice. Musically adopted by Asalah's ex-husband and producer Ayman El Dahabi initially, Shahd later signed on to Music is My Life and Samir Sfair took Ayman's place. Samir composed half of the songs, and his style is diverse as usual.

While Shahd's album is nothing groundbreaking, the choice of songs is perfect with talented musicians coming together for on of 2009's best albums. The catchy title song employs Tarek Madkour's classic strings and kanun combination albeit with an ayoub beat instead of maksoum. La Youshtara successfully brings back Yuri Mrakadi's tried and true formula of beautiful classical lyrics combined with western pop. La Tloum is another infectiously catchy maksoum song, but although Karim Abdelwahab blatantly employs Tarek Madkour's style of arrangement, the synths sound cheap and don't do the song justice. Halati Hala is a simple ballad, with Tarek Madkour's favorite pop beat coupled with clarinet, but as we have come to expect from Karim El Iraqi, the lyrics are heartfelt. Allah Ma'ak is a classic Samir Sfair ballad, and Fahd does a great job combining the elements of the quintessential western ballad with oriental accents. Khaled El Bakri composed two ballads here also. Law Kont Btehlam has a dramatic flare that is in large part thanks to the interesting arrangement of Tarek Aakef. Wayak Habibi is less interesting in terms of composition, but equally beautiful thanks to Medhat Khamis' arrangement. The song that instantly catches your attention however, is Law Had Shafou, composed by Nouhad Najjar. The song is unmistakably oriental, but with a classical accent that Jean-Marie Riachi employs beautifully in the arrangement also. Walid Saad's Reg'et Ayamna is the composer at his best, with a nostalgia and the kind of composition that puts Shahd's beautiful voice to the test. Adel Aayesh's rich, Turkish-influenced arrangement fits perfectly too. The album ends with Teshoufak Eini, a catchy maksoum song that is instantly reminiscent of Nancy Ajram. Funnily enough, the song was apparently meant for Nancy Ajram but Mohamed Rehim preferred to release it sooner.

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1. Ba'd Elli Sar
2. Law Kont Btehlam
3. La Youshtara
4. Law Had Shafou
5. La Tloum
6. Wayak Habibi
7. Halati Hala
8. Reg'et Ayamna
9. Allah Ma'ak
10. Teshoufak Eini

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