Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Diana Haddad - Ahla Aghani (Best of)

This album is a compilation of the best of Diana's early work, from 1996 to 1999. Diana is one of the few singers to have tasted success from her first song, and then been able to sustain it for over a decade. From the very beginning, Diana, who was born in Lebanon, raised in Kuwait, and lives in Dubai, sang in her native dialect as well as Egyptian and Khaliji. Her hit debut single, Saken is included, as well as her first Egyptian songs; Yamma Ya and Emshi Wara Kedbohom. The Lebanese songs that defined her early career, such as Ahl El Esheg, Anideh, and Legaitak, are also featured alongside her pan-Arab 1998 hit Ammaneih. Ammaneih was remade by Turkish singer Burcu Güneş in the same year and met with similar success. Composers featured here include George Marderosian, Imad Shamseddine, Riyad El Hamshari, and Ihsan El Mounzer.

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1. Emshi Wara Kedbohom
2. Ammaneih
3. Ahl El Esheg
4. Legaitek
5. Men Ghebt
6. Yamma Ya
7. Anideh
8. Bari'ah
9. Ghalteti
10. Saken

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