Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hind - Hind 2008

When asked about her talent, the great Mayada El Hennawi called Hind "one of today's greatest, most beautiful voices," and for good reason. The young Bahraini singer's soulful approach to everything from traditional Saudi and Emirati songs to pop and ballads, is a refreshing change in a genre where young singers tend to stick to simple, non-challenging songs. The album has an impressive list of musicians, with Dr. Abdelrab Idriss, Nicolas Saade Nakhle, Michel Fadel, Tarek Aakef, Nizar Abdallah, ─░smail Tun├žbilek (on bouzouk), and Ali Bin Mohamed (who duets with her on the "Khaliji blues"-style Yeji Mennak). The album is very diverse, for example Thebahni El Shoug employs an Iraqi beat, while Teshteki has delightfully classic approach, and the Lebanese hit Maw'ed Omur brings in electric guitars and bongos. So even if you don't like one song, you will definitely find one you love. This is a high-quality production from beginning to end; synths are kept at a minimum and the instruments range from traditional ney, oud, kanun, and rebab to guitars and saxophones. Understandably, Hind recorded in Cairo, Bahrain, Dubai, Beirut, and Kuwait, with musicians from the Gulf, Egypt, Lebanon, and Turkey playing the various instruments. Easily her most hyped album to date, Hind's 2008 album is definitely worth a thorough listen.

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1. Meridh El Mahabba
2. Yeji Mennak
3. Thebahni El Shoug
4. Eb Kel Basata
5. Abih Yeshouf
6. Aaf El Farah
7. Hameti
8. Tawwek Ala Bali
9. Jaitek
10. Teshteki
11. Men Int
12. Maw'ed Omur

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S. said...

How does the list of composers arrangers go?

There is Bahraini arranger Siruz who arranged tracks 4 and 7. Track 8 was arranged by Egyptian arranger Walid Fayed, who was discovered and mentored by Mohammed Abdo. Dr. Abdelrab Idriss composed tracks 9 and 11, and Tarek Aakef arranged them. Nicolas Saade Nakhle composed tracks 10 and 12, and Michel Fadel arranged them.

What about the rest?

Tabbouche said...

1. Meridh El Mahabba: Badr El Thawadi/Hisham El Sakran
2. Yeji Mennak: Ali Bin Mohamed/Mohamed El Murri
3. Thebahni El Shoug: Nizar Abdallah/Mohamed Saleh
4. Eb Kel Basata: Khaled/Siruz
5. Abih Yeshouf: Mohamed Mal Allah/Mohamed Saleh
6. Aaf El Farah: Nizar Abdallah/Hisham El Sakran
7. Hameti: Ahmed El Hermi/Siruz
8. Tawwek Ala Bali: Nizar Abdallah/Walid Fayed
9. Jaitek: Dr. Abdelrab Idriss/Tarek Aakef
10. Teshteki: Nicolas Saade Nakhle/Michel Fadel
11. Men Int: Dr. Abdelrab Idriss/Tarek Aakef
12. Maw'ed Omur: Nicolas Saade Nakhle/Michel Fadel

S. said...

And Siruz is a male name? Thank you!

Tabbouche said...

Yes, but it's his showbiz nickname I think.

S. said...

It doesn't sound Arabic, it sounds Persian.