Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fares Karam - Janen

Though it feels like most of the Arab world believes Fares Karam's career began with his 2006 hit El Tannoura, this Studio Al Fan graduate has been crooning for over a decade. With George Marderosian, Marwan Khoury, and Imad Shamseddine, Janen has some of the best Lebanese composers. Though Fares has become centered around comedic and daring lyrics in his latest work, Janen has some great love songs like Majnoun Bani Amer, Janen, and Khayyabt Zanni as well. Rightfully the king of playful dabke today, no one does it like Fares Karam.

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1. Janen
2. Selini
3. Mili Mail
4. El Etfa'iyeh
5. Mahdoumeh
6. Majnoun Bani Amer
7. Khayyabt Zanni
8. Am Tetthalla

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