Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Haifa Wehbe - Baddi Eish

The sheer self-confidence needed to release a song titled Ana Haifa, is the kind of thing that makes Haifa Wehbe's fans love her and her critics' blood pressure rise. To say she got by on her looks alone is unfair however. Haifa has a killer team of musicians, whom she works with day and night to produce some of the catchiest music on the scene. Unlike her debut album, which was dominated by Latin, electronic, and Turkish styles, Baddi Eish is full of unmistakeably Egyptian and Lebanese songs, the simplicity of which outshines the album's ballads. The mischevious Ma Khadtesh Bali, an Abou Jaoudeh-Sharara collaboration, opens like an electric song and then brings in Hadi Sharara's signature dabke beat coupled with strings and ney. Tigi Ezay continues with the same attitude, but Adel Aayesh gives the arrangement a great Egyptian feel, with darbouka, accordion, and kanun. Ya Hayat Albi, a cover of Despina Vandi's O Perittos, continues Jean-Marie Riachi's love affair with Greek laika. The version included in the album seems more like an updated version of Despina's when compared to the one Haifa originally sang, which replaced the bouzouk with accordion. Fakerni is another great Egyptian song, with mizmar, accordion, riq, and (great) strings. The title song (which translates into I Want to Live) is written, composed, and arranged by Elias Rahbani who, in the wake of Rafik Hariri's assassination, wanted his cry for an independent Lebanon to reach youth through Haifa. The album finishes with Ufuk Yilidirim's electronic remix of Howa El Zaman, and Ragab, which despite being written, composed, and arranged by Lebanese musicians, is easily Haifa's most popular Egyptian song ever.

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1. Ana Haifa
2. Bahebbak Hob
3. Ma Khadtesh Bali
4. Tigi Ezay
5. Ya Hayat Albi
6. Bahebbak Mout (Kol Marra)
7. Fi Eineik
8. Fakerni
9. Toul Omri
10. Nar El Ashwaq
11. Baddi Eish
12. Howa El Zaman (Remix)
13. Ragab

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Anonymous said...

There's Bosnian version of "Ya Hayat Alby", sung by Erna D┼żeba "Zbog Tebe" :) That song made her popular in EX-Yugoslovenian countries

Charlie said...

Haifa... I love all of your music so much! You are so gorgeous! I really enjoy listening to your music- its amazing !! I love you Haifa !!

Tabbouche said...

Go ahead and share the Bosnian version with us please, if you have it :)!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I have it... I didn't know its real name is "Malo Fali Da Poludim", I thought it's "Zbog Tebe" cause she repeated this thing million of times :D


BTW, I translated it :)

Tonight, I'm affraid of myself in mirror
Because I don't know do I have the right to call you by mine
From all this sadness I have only half of my heart
These nights are long, hurt has broken me

Because of you I'm not sleeping in night
Because of you I'm calling the devil
Because of you I'm living
There's a second to get crazy

Tonight the pride is bigger than hurt or shame
I've learned to go alone through my life
From all this sadness I have only half of my heart
These nights are long, hurt has broken me

Tabbouche said...

Thank you so much! The style of the lyrics is somewhat similar to the style of Arabic pop too :).

Anonymous said...

Better I don't translate Serbian turbo-folk songs (and some Bosnian). They sing about cars, sex, money, drinking (not all, but many)...


Brushalter means Bra
There's song named Cabrio Porsche
and also there's Red BMW :D
other is "Buy me a jeep" :D
Third "Panties" (Song goes: Who you were with last night, she doesn't know, one night stand girl thinks I don't care, but still you have my panties :D), Tanga (Yup song's named like that), "Kucka" means bitch, and she sings "I'll become blonde and I'll be the real bitch, I'll sleep with him to make shame on you :D

But usually those lyrics come from Serbian turbo folk, and it's a music genre I hate :D and most of young people, today turbo folk is somehow music for the "lower class", you'll never see it on national TVs and similar...

Greetings :)

Enis said...

Thanks Tabbouche.
My favourite songs of this album :
- Ma Khadtech Bali
- Tigui Ezzay
- Fakerni
- Ana Haifa
- Baddi 3ish
- Nar El Ashwa2
- Ya Hayat Albi
- Ragab
8 songs so it's a successful album. :)