Saturday, January 31, 2009

Myriam Faris - Bet'oul Eih

Despite finding a great niche for herself in the oriental-dance fusion genre, Myriam did not rest on her laurels in 2008. Myriam evolved as an artist even more with Bet'oul Eih. There are a few misses, like Samir Sfair's awkward Moush Ananiya and Marwan Khoury's sleepy Betrouh, but overall Myriam's third album is solid. Like the 2005 hit Ha'leq Rahtak, the title song is written by Myriam's sister, Roula Faris, and co-composed with Marc Abdelnour, who gives the song an authentic Egyptian feel. Mohamed Rahim returns with two songs; the upbeat Eih Elli Byehsal is arranged by Jean-Marie Riachi and follows in the style of Nadini while Iyam El Sheteh is a mellow ballad with simple, but beautiful arrangement by Hadi Sharara. Ana Albi Lik will surprise those who are used to Walid Saad's oriental ballads, and Jean-Marie Riachi gives it a fresh Latin-style arrangement. Ala Khwana, also composed by Samir Sfair but arranged by Tarek Madkour, is a refreshingly enjoyable maksoum song that beats Moush Ananiya in this listener's opinion. Law Konte Radi is Myriam's first collaboration with Tamer Ali, and despite a bit of repetitiveness, it's quite good. The album finishes off with it's first single, Moukana Wein, which is Myriam's first full-on Khaliji song. Tarek Aakef proves his innovativeness once again by incorporating the sound of the seashell belt that was worn by Bahraini pearl divers in their traditional dance. The belt was also used in the controversial video Myriam shot for the song, and she learned the choreography for the dance. Interestingly enough, Ahlam recently claimed that Kuwaiti composer Abdallah El Gaoud originally offered her Moukana Wein, but she declined it because her husband think it fit her.

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1. Moush Ananiya
2. Eih Elli Byehsal
3. Inta Bet'oul Eih
4. Betrouh
5. Iyam El Sheteh
6. Ana Albi Lik
7. Ala Khwana
8. Law Konte Radi
9. Moukana Wein

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chsf said...

Seashell belts? Really? That's awesome, I love that part of the song. You're always so informative, thank you!

S. said...

I taught him well, what can I say. :mrgreen: