Saturday, January 17, 2009

Abeer Fadda - Inta Malak

Abeer Fadda is yet another underrated Syrian singer whose fame does not measure up to her talent and potential. Abeer's throaty jabali voice can easily tackle any genre, and she does in her 2005 album, Inta Malak. Abeer composed two songs, Waggef and Ser Behayatak herself, while the rest of the album is composed by Yaser Jalal, Khaled Adel, Mohamed Fawzi, and Medhat Fawzi. The album is arranged by Egyptian arrangers Medhat Khamis, Ahmed Adel, Adel Aayesh, Yehia El Mougi, and Karim Abdelwahab. The album has four great ballads, the melancholic Wallah Ma Faragni, Latin-influenced Leil Ya Gharam, Khaliji Waggef, and heartfelt Ser Behayatak. The faster-paced songs are less interesting, though Estanna Alaya and the catchy Shou Befrah stand out when compared to the maksoum songs, Inta Malak and Leila Be Alf Leila. Some will be surprised when they hear Wallah Ma Faragni, which Mayssam Nahas remade into a hit single in her latest album (albeit renamed Habib El Rouh).

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1. Estanna Alaya
2. Wallah Ma Faragni
3. Leil Ya Gharam
4. Shou Befrah
5. Leila Be Alf Leila
6. Waggef
7. Inta Malak
8. Ser Behayatak

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