Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nancy Ajram - Ya Tabtab... Wa Dalla'

After two hit albums in a row, Nancy's fifth album was one of the most highly-anticipated releases of 2006. With more upbeat maksoum songs, and just a few, albeit excellent, ballads, Ya Tabtab has a bit of everything. The title song, which has been remade into Greek by Kelly Kelekidou, kicks off the album in the same playful spirit as Ah We Noss. As the album progresses, the diverse list of composers is evident. Most of the maksoum songs, Ya Tabtab (Tarek Madkour), Ana Yalli Bhebbak (Samir Sfair), Mo'gaba (Walid Saad), Ashteki Menno (Hamdi El Sediq), and Ya Si El Sayed (Walid Saad), are arranged by Tarek Madkour. Though Madkour is frequently criticized for "recycling" ideas, his work here is good and each song has its own flavor, incorporating synths into some, accordion in others, or sticking simply to violins. The ballads, Ehsas Jdid (Salim Salameh), Meshtaga Leik (Yacoub Al Khubaizi), Elli Kan (Walid Saad) and Oul Hansaki (Hassan Abou El Saoud) are even more diverse, with a different arranger in charge of each. On Ehsas Jdid, Hadi Sharara combines the best of both East and West as usually, mixing piano with bouzouk, darbouka, and strings. Elli Kan is some of Karim Abdelwahab's best, and most oriental, work so far. Amr Abdelaziz gives Meshtaga Leik light percussion (for a Khaliji song) and the pop treatment, which Nancy tends to in most of her albums. Oul Hansaki is a classic ballad, with heartfelt lyrics, and typical arrangement from Mohamed Mostafa. Even the songs that did not get the limelight, like Sabrak Alaya (Walid Saad) and Law Dallalouni (Suhail Fares) are well-composed and enjoyable. Ya Tabtab was one of Nancy's most successful and most commercialized albums too, with five of the songs used for jewelry, Coca-Cola, and perfume ads.

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1. Ya Tabtab Wa Dalla'
2. Ehsas Jdid
3. Mo'gaba
4. Meshtaga Leik
5. Ana Yalli Bhebbak
6. Ashteki Menno
7. Oul Hansaki
8. Elli Kan
9. Ya Si El Sayed
10. Sabrak Alaya
11. Law Dallalouni

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