Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mayssam Nahas - Mahdoum

Mayssam Nahas' 2008 album is arguably her best so far with so many genres fit on one CD. She has explored Iraqi, Egyptian, and Lebanese dialects and in numerous forms. Mahdoum (Loveable) exhibits the best vocal skill Mayssam has shown so far, and she has worked with numerous musicians she has never before collaborated with such musicians as Yaser Jalal (who composed Hasna's hit Shoufo Shoufo), Jean Saliba, Aytekin Kurt (who recently remixed Jan Jnouni for Assi Al Hillani), Yehia El Hassan, and George Marderosian. Mohamed Kebbi (a.k.a. Beirut Biloma) does an amazing job arranging Mogarrad Sou'al, and along with Mayssam's expressive voice you are transported to another time. Apart from a few hiccups on Betfa'el Fik and Hatrouh Ba'id, Mahdoum is one of 2008's best, with songs that feel modern but have a refreshing air of nostalgia. It's worth noting that Habib El Rouh is a cover of Wallah Ma Faragni, a song from Abeer Fadda's 2005 album, Inta Malak. Mayssam makes the song her own however, with very different arrangement and a slower, more heartfelt approach.

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1. Mahdoum
2. Behlam Be Eyounak
3. Rouhi Btendahlak
4. Habib El Rouh
5. Mogarrad Sou'al
6. Neseitak
7. Betfa'el Fik
8. Lamset Eidayeh
9. Basshar Layali
10. Hatrouh Ba'id

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