Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Aline Khalaf - Sodfa

Though her voice may not turn heads, when it comes to Aline Khalaf, you can always count on there being an extremely catchy single. La Li Leih, Az Alaya, Law Andak Kalam, Ba'dak Aal Bal, and her latest Farhet Ainayeh stick whether you like it or not. Bardo Sodfa, the story of lover who stalks her, is no exception thanks to Mohamed Yehia and Medhat Khamis. It is followed up by Menni Lik, another catchy maksoum song, and Kelma Fi Albi, an R&B-style song composed and arranged by Khaled Ez. Rah El Wafa (Mish Inta), a Tarek Abou Jaoudeh-Hadi Sharara collaboration, is in the duo's signature style and easily the best ballad on the album. Another ballad worth mentioning is Addet Sana, and Khaled Ez does a great job incorporating swooping strings and ney into the song. Gani We Alli is another infectiously catchy song by Mohamed Yehia, albeit in the upbeat oriental style that suits Aline best. From beginning to end, Aline's 2005 album is thoroughly enjoyable, and even the less interesting songs, like Eyounak Shaghleh, are still good and listenable.

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1. Bardo Sodfa
2. Menni Lik
3. Kelma Fi Albi
4. Ta'raf Tebtesem
5. Rah El Wafa (Mish Inta)
6. Gani We Alli
7. Ezay Ansak
8. Eyounak Shaghleh
9. Addet Sana
10. Adda Alaya

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Mohamed said...

ilike this album specially "AddaAliua"
btw you should reupload some covers!

Mohamed said...

i like this album specially "Adda Alia"
btw you should reupload some covers!

Tabbouche said...

Which covers :S?

Anonymous said...

I think he means all of the album covers since your photobucket bandwidth has exceeded.
You could try uploading to tinypic.com or something, because if the bandwidth exceeds for one or few of the images you've uploaded, at least it won't effect every picture you have (unlike with photobucket).

Tabbouche said...

Oh, thanks guys :)! Yeah, I'm actually re-uploading them to imageshack as we speak ;).

shalini said...

Hi , i think you are doing a wonderful job!!

Anonymous said...

Hi tabbouche...hope you have a link for mediafire because i can't download through rapidshare..plz...