Thursday, September 18, 2008

Asalah - Ya Sabra Yana

Though Asalah had performed in Syria with her father, the great Mostafa Nasri, and garnered a small following there, she was still unknown to the rest of the Arab World. After a period of mourning, Asalah finally returned to the music scene. Asalah's debut album Law Ta'rafouh was a huge hit that launched her into the Egyptian music scene in 1991. The album was then released again in 1992 under the title of Ya Sabra Yana, which had succeeded even more than the original title song. The four tracks are lengthy tarab songs with the a great traditional feel. The lyrics are mostly sorrowful songs of love. Almost a decade after their initial release, these songs are still remembered and Asalah sings Samehtak Ketir in particular at many of her concerts.


1. Ya Sabra Yana
2. Law Ta'rafou
3. Hat Albi
4. Samehtak Ketir

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Anonymous said...

thank u Tabbouche .. can u post this album in 320kbps plz ...
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DarwishBasha said...

ok khalas ..
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