Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dina Hayek - Ta'a La Albi

When Dina Hayek's third album was released in 2006, it had large shoes to fill. Dina's wildly successful Katabtellak album had singlehandedly made her into the star she had become. In Dina's usual style, Ta'a La Albi is made up of slow ballads for the most part. The majority of the album is composed by Salim Salameh and Samir Sfair, the composers behind her defining hits, Katabtellak and Darb El Hawa. In addition to the aformentioned, Mahmoud Khayami and Wajdi Nakhle round up the list of composers, which is less diverse than her previous album. Ta'a La Albi is deserving of the album title, it is a slow but engaging song with great arrangement that uses ney and powerful strings. It's worth noting that Israeli singer Sarit Hadad sampled the strings on her song Tetzi Me'Ha'Kalim. Mar El Helou, the most upbeat song on the album, is an uplifting song with extensive use of the rabab. Ma Baddi Trouh is another great song, combining great lyrics, composition, and arrangement. Bahlam Be Rjou'ak succeeds with a similar formula and style, but Ufuk Yildirim joins Nasser El As'ad on the arrangement, which is less simplistic than Ma Baddi Trouh. Wallahi Tayeb is unlike anything Dina has sung before, with a classic tarab feel, and it takes a while to appreciate it. Beini We Beinak, which was originally chosen as the second single, has a different, more pop-influenced style from the rest of the album, though it's not necessarily a good thing. Shou Bkhaf, Dari Eineik (Meyat Haga), are stylistically similar, using mostly traditional arrangement and starting off slow then building up to a faster pace. Baddi Habibi, another Samir Sfair-Tarek Madkour collaboration, was an instant hit and is a much more enjoyable pop song than Beini We Beinak. A revamped take on the hit Darb El Hawa is also included, dropping the ballad theme for a more fast-paced electronic feel. The album did not garner the sales its predecessor did, and was the beginning of Dina's disputes with Rotana, whom she believed gave her inadequate advertising. After they refused her a concert at the Hala February festival in Kuwait, Dina finally left Rotana, feeling the company's apathy was having a negative effect on her career. She has since released three singles on various labels.


1. Ta'a La Albi
2. Mar El Helou
3. Dari Eineik (Meyat Haga)
4. Darb El Hawa (Remix)
5. Beini We Beinak
6. Wallahi Tayeb
7. Shou Bkhaf
8. Khalas Ertaht
9. Ma Baddi Trouh
10. Bahlam Be Rjou'ak
11. Baddi Habibi

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