Saturday, September 27, 2008

Assi Al Hillani - Forset Omur

One of Assi's most successful albums, Forset Omur is a diverse and full of the many styles that he likes to explore and try. This album also marks his most extensive collaboration with Tarek Abou Jaoudeh, who composed six of the songs; Ghali, B'oul Ma B'oul, Shou Habbaina, Forset Omur, Bhebbek Inti, and Rif El Ain. The hit Ghali is Assi's first song with electronic dance accents, albeit with Hadi Sharara's signature breaks of Arabic percussion and strings throughout. Recorded in Beirut, Cairo, and Istanbul, with Arab and Turkish musicians, Assi is serious and passionate about his music and oversees every aspect of it. Some songs, like Ghali, benefit from the Turkish Gundem string orchestra, while others, like Rif El Ain and Forset Omur, incorporate Turkish-style baglama or clarinet. B'oul Ma B'oul and Shou Habbaina combine more east and west, with powerful strings and both western and strong Arabic beats. As for Assi's own compositions, Ma Marrani Tab'ek, Set El Settat, and Marreit Janb Kheyamahom have creative lyrics and more traditional Arabic arrangement, with ney, mizmar, and oriental percussion.


1. Ghali
2. B'oul Ma B'oul
3. Shou Habbaina
4. Set El Settat
5. Ma Marrani Tab'ek
6. Forset Omur
7. Eddami Eyoun
8. Marreit Janb Kheyamahom
9. Bhebbek Inti
10. Rif El Ain
11. Ya'ni Eih

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