Monday, September 22, 2008

Nancy Ajram - Betfakkar Fi Eih?!

Nancy Ajram's heavily anticipated sixth album has been two years in the making. The result, like any artist of her popularity, has been received with mixed reviews. Although Nancy ventures farther into western pop than ever before in her career, her new album caters to a vast audience, with something for everyone. Betfakkar Fi Eih?!, composed by Mohamed El Nadi (who recently composed Leih Moushta'alak for Nawal Al Zoghbi), mixes up Nancy's usual maksoum style with electric guitar. The first Hadi Sharara-Walid Saad collaboration is an interesting affair for fans both the Lebanese arranger and the Egyptian composer, who have both worked with Nancy previously, but on separate songs. Min Dah Elli Nsik is what you would expect from this trio, dramatic composition with diverse, though erratic at times, arrangement. Min Ghairi Ana, the new Coca-Cola anthem for the Middle East, has already proven popular, though it does not appeal much to this listener. Safer (Ana Rouhi Ma'ak) is new territory for Nancy, whose ballads usually take on a western flavor. Saharni Sahar and Mashi Haddi are great upbeat maksoum songs, and are Nancy's first collaboration with Hamid El Sha'eri, who arranges both. The aforementioned, and Baladiyat (Ana Menno), which adds mizmar to the mix, are all great oriental dance songs. Lamset Eid reunites the team from Ehsas Jdid (Fares Iskandar, Salim Salameh, and Hadi Sharara) in a more dramatic but equally enjoyable song. Liya Haq is Nancy's first venture into R&B, and Wana Bein Eideik (Akbar Men Keda) is quintessential pop. Zaman Kan Andi Alb, another song which did not appeal to this listener, is rumored to be Nancy's next single. Nancy reunites with Tarek Aakef, who was absent from her previous album, who arranges the two songs most different from the the rest of the album. Khafef Alaya, composed by Dr. Abdelrab Idriss, is a quirky Gulf/Khaliji song with a different feel from 2006's Meshtaga Leik. The album ends with Betigi Sirtak, Nancy's most nostalgic song to date, which is likely a response to the great reaction her rendition of Aziza Jalal's Mestanniyak received last year.


1. Betfakkar Fi Eih?!
2. Min Dah Elli Nsik
3. Min Ghairi Ana
4. Safer (Ana Rouhi Ma'ak)
5. Saharni Sahar
6. Baladiyat (Ana Menno)
7. Zaman Kan Andi Alb
8. Lamset Eid
9. Liya Haq
10. Ebn El Giran
11. Wana Bein Eideik (Akbar Men Keda)
12. Khafef Alaya
13. Mashi Haddi
14. Betigi Sirtak

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could you please reupload it? the link isn't working :( thanks in advance

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