Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dania - The Best of Dania

This album is a compilation of Dania's first three albums, Dania, Dania 2, and El Hilwa Di, as well as her Listen to My Heart single. Her 2008 comeback single, Rayah Albak, is not on here though. While Dania did not have many of "her own" hits, she brought life back to a vast number of old Arabic folk songs, and sang in countless styles with international musicians. Foug El Nakhal is an Iraqi folk song, and is remixed here by Said Mrad and Dani Helou. El Hilwa Di (Coucou) is another old song by Sayed Darwish (the Egyptian musician behind Dalida's international hit Salma Ya Salama). Though the song has been reinterpreted many times, Dania and Jean-Marie Riachi's version became an international club hit and the original, as well as two of the countless remixes are included here. Ya Dallah, which is one of Lebanese songstress Sabah's biggest hits, is remixed into an Arabic-dance fusion song by Phillip Khayat. Yalla Bina, which has been remixed by Dalida and Ishtar Alabina before, gets an Indian-style remix here. UK DJs Transglobal Underground's remix of Leiley is in their typical world fusion style, keeping the original strings while mixing in Indian and electronic beats. Para No Verte Más and Cha Cha Cha, both La Mosca Tsé-Tsé songs, as well as Fiesta are the album's Latin-sounding songs. Private Number (a duet with 911) and Listen to My Heart are both in English, though the latter is not a translation of El Hilwa Di. Afrahou Gannouh and La Tehtar are both Greek songs remade by Dania, one is an upbeat laika song and the other a ballad. Ya Akhed Akley, another great Arabic-western fusion, and Ana Baddi, the most traditional-style song on the album, are the two original Dania songs on the album.


1. Foug El Nakhal (1001 NIGHTSociety Remake)
2. Cou Cou (Beirut Biloma Chillout Version)
3. Leiley (Transglobal Underground Remix)
4. Yalla Bina (Bhangra Remix)
5. El Hilwa Di (Coucou)
6. Ya Dallah
7. Fiesta
8. Para No Verte Más
9. Ya Akhed Akley
10. La Tehtar
11. Mafeesh Tari'a (99 Remix)
12. Cha Cha Cha
13. Afrahou Gannouh
14. Ana Baddi
15. Private Number (with 911)
16. Listen to My Heart (Cou Cou)

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