Monday, September 8, 2008

Hekmat - Nefsi Akoun Horra

Moroccan singer Hekmat launched her musical career with a hauntingly beautiful song composed and written by Marwan Khoury, and arranged by Claude Chalhoub. Hawel (Try) was accompanied by a simplistic video filmed in Morocco, and directed by Alain Charles Beau. Her talent, and refusal to use her body to sell CDs, earned her comparisons to fellow Moroccan chanteuse Jannat. Like Jannat, Hekmat sings primarily in the Egyptian dialect, with the exception of Hawel. However, Hekmat's voice is more mature and diverse. Ma Basaddaq Had Yegib Sirtak and Bahebbak are maksoum songs, the latter mixing in some pop beats while the former sticks with more traditional instruments. The second single, Gharib El Hal, starts off as a pop song and then mixes in Arabic percussion, mizmar, and rabab. The result is a relaxed and very enjoyable song. The mellow Eideik Khayna is a rarity, it is composed by Marwan Khoury but written by Egyptian lyricist Baha'eddine Mohamed and arranged by Wissam Moumtaz (also Egyptian). Ettafa'na Aal Ekhlass (We Agreed on Fidelity) has more upbeat music, but Hekmat's melancholy voice delivers the sad message in the lyrics. Nefsi Akoun Horra (I Want to be Free) suffers from slightly cheesy arrangement, but the lyrics, which have nothing to do with the plight of love, are a welcome change in the album's lyrical style. The slow Hewar and Farhana are the duller songs of the album, but not necessarily bad songs either. Rumors of Hekmat's retirement from music circulated late last year, however Hekmat, who was never in the public eye much, has neither confirmed nor refuted the rumors.


1. Ma Basaddaq Had Yegib Sirtak
2. Hewar
3. Gharib El Hal
4. Eideik Khayna
5. Farhana
6. Bahebbak
7. Ettafa'na Aal Ekhlass
8. Nefsi Akoun Horra
9. Hawel (Bonus)

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