Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nawal Al Zoghbi - Eineik Kaddabin

Nawal Al Zoghbi's 2004 album was arguably her peak, not that she hasn't produced a number of good songs the past four years, but as an overall album it reached a wide audience. After Elli Tmanneito, Nawal immediately went back to work on a new album that would return her to her former stature in the music business. The album was set to be released under the name of Be Einak, with that song being the expected hit. After Nawal heard Eineik Kaddabin from Mohamed Refai, however, she decided to push the album's release so she could record and include the song on it. The album proved to be her biggest album to date. Nawal managed to include something for each taste. Eineik Kaddabin, Law Wakhed Balak, Bihebbeni, Khallik Liya, and Khod Albi are thoroughly enjoyable, upbeat Arabic songs. Oyouni Oyouni is a Khaliji Arabic song, and Samah is for fans of Turkish Arabesk. Khalletni Ahebbak, Ana Baddi Eish, Be Einak mix more pop in. Tegma'na Sa'at has a Latin style to it, while Malleit has an R&B feel. Another notable difference Eineik Kaddabin has from its predecessor is the fact Nawal did not depend too much on the same musicians. For example, Tarek Madkour and Amr Mostafa only produced one song each for this album.


1. Eineik Kaddabin
2. Khalletni Ahebbak
3. Ana Baddi Eish
4. Be Einak
5. Tegma'na El Sa'at
6. Law Wakhed Balak
7. Oyoun Oyouni
8. Bihebbeni
9. Malleit
10. Khallik Liya
11. Samah
12. Khod Albi

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S. said...

Oh, I didn't know this albums was her best. It even features Aakef, Charara and Riachi! LOL!

BTW, has Maha El Reem published only 1 album so far?

Tabbouche said...

Yes, just the one album. She is another contestant from Studio Al Fan and was the former Lebanese President's favorite singer. She used to sing at all his events.

S. said...

But apart from Ba'dou El Hawa you found most other songs disappointing?

Tabbouche said...

Unfortunately, I just liked Ba'dou El Hawa and Ta'rafou Anni Eih. The former a lot more than the latter. She deserves a much better album.

Anonymous said...

thank u Tabbouche .. can u post this album in 320kbps plz ...
and others :)
thank u

Mohamed said...

I have been reading her biography a couple of days ago and she released her first album like8 years ago entitled "Maw3ouda"! anyway i hope that you post "Ba'dou El Hawa" Tabbouche

nice said...

Merci Tabbouche. :) I think it's one of the best albums of Nawal, it's full of hits, unike the last one.