Sunday, December 14, 2008

Amal Hijazi - Zaman

Amal Hijazi's second album is, arguably, her most successful to date, and most people usually assume that this was her debut album. When you see how many of her hits came from this album, it's easy to see why. Producer Jean Saliba's affinity for Bendeniz continues in this album, and the title song is a cover of the Turkish singer/composer's own 2001 hit of the same name. With the exception of the last two tracks, the album has an oriental flavor throughout, regardless of the style of composition. The album starts with the catchy Ed'ili, Amal's first and only collaboration with Amr Mostafa. "Prince of Rai" Faudel joins Amal on Ainak Ainak, the hit Rai song which proved again Tarek Abou Jaoudeh's diversity as a composer. Iraqis Ravi and Omar compose and sing with Amal. Waili Wah. Romansiya, composed by Mohamed Rahim, is a catchy pop song which mixes in strings and mizmar with western beats and guitar. The hit Oulhali, one of Nasser El As'ad's best songs to date, is an almost magical song which combines a pop beat with oriental strings and even Indian tabla. Zaman has something for everyone, and that's probably why it's Amal's most memorable album yet.


1. Ed'ili
2. Zaman
3. Ainak Ainak
4. Waili Wah
5. Ya Allah
6. Zein El Rouh
7. Romansiya
8. El Hawa
9. Oulhali
10. Albi Dawwa
11. Comme Çi Comme Ça
12. Mali Meil

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