Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bassima - Shou A Bali

Bassima began her career singing and reciting English and French songs, and when you listen to her graceful voice the western influence is evident. However, unlike the way Grace Deeb tends to do, she does not force the western vocal style on oriental songs, but rather compliments them, the way Asmahan did. Shou A Bali is one of, if not the, most successful albums she has released in her decade-long professional career. Samir Sfair, who was impressed with Bassima's voice, composed four of the six tracks, including the smash hit Shou A Bali. The title song and Souret El Hob are both typical pop ballads, though with different arrangement styles from Tarek Madkour and Hani Siblini respectively. The remaining four tracks are stellar, and much more traditional in terms of arrangement. Ah Yana and Ma Yhes El Garh are both moderately paced Egyptian songs. Etr El Madi and Mish Helwin are Lebanese songs composed by Samir Sfair, the former arranged beautifully by Hani Siblini and the latter with relatively generic arrangement from Nasser El As'ad (though the infectiously catchy composition shines through anyway). While Bassima is no stranger to success, Shou A Bali was a milestone in this down-to-earth singer's career.


1. Shou A Bali
2. Ah Yana
3. Etr El Madi
4. Souret El Hob
5. Ma Yhes El Garh
6. Mish Helwin

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