Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mayada El Hennawi - Bayent El Hob Alaya

Syrian diva Mayada El Hennawi's 1993 album is a good example of popular music in the 1990s. The album starts off with the playful Bayent El Hob Alaya, the relatively short song (by 90s standards) is an accordion-infused Tarek Aakef composition. Alouli Ansa, which saw a dramatic resurgence in popularity when it was sampled on Aaliyah's More Than A Woman, is also composed and arranged by Tarek Aakef. Mahma Aghanni is a great example of the oriental style of saxophone playing, and Addemt El Rouh is a beautiful classically-influenced ballad. The lengthy Ma'ak Lel Nehaya closes the album on a relatively upbeat note. Once nicknamed Motrebet Al Jil (Singer of the Generation), Mayada's style, which borders on conversation, and her old-world grace, is what she is known for to this day.


1. Bayent El Hob Alaya
2. Alouli Ansa
3. Mahma Aghanni
4. Addemt El Rouh
5. Ma'ak Lel Nehaya

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