Monday, December 22, 2008

Moin Shraif - Albak Tayeb

Moin Shraif's excellent 2007 album, perhaps due to the lackluster title song, was quickly forgotten. It's undeniable, however, how popular the singles As'ab Kelmeh and Rsamtak later became. Moin's album consists of 8 tracks, diverse in terms of both composition and arrangement. Nicolas Saade Nakhle's compositions were extremely well-received, but the overly repetitive title song is quickly overshadowed by Rsamtak, and the electrifying arrangement done by Hadi Sharara. Rawad Raad composes another two stellar songs on this album; a great ballad, As'ab Kelmeh, and Addait El Nejmat, a great dabke song arranged beautifully by Bilal El Zein. Mahmoud Khayami's compositions, El Omr Kello and Yama Alou Fik, are the least interesting songs, but listenable still thanks to Adel Aayesh's rich arrangement. The last two tracks are composed by Samir Sfair and arranged by Tarek Aakef, and are both great ballads that harken back to the duo's 1990s work.

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1. Albak Tayeb
2. As'ab Kelmeh
3. El Omr Kello
4. Yama Alou Fik
5. Rsamtak
6. Addait El Nejmat
7. Kel El Haq Alaik
8. El Moshkela Ennak Habibi

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