Monday, December 8, 2008

Pascale Machaalani - Shou Amaltellak Ana?

Happy Eid to everyone! Here's something to put in your car stereo on your way to the family! Pascale's 2003 album has many great tracks, like the title song, as well as the fun Leila Ba'd Leila, and her first Tunisian song, Ana Habbaitou. This is one of her most upbeat albums, and most diverse too, with composers Melhem Bou Shdid, Mahmoud Khayami, Salim Salameh, Samir Sfair, Riyad El Hamshari, Khaled El Bakri, and Imad Shamseddine all on board. Enjoy!


1. Shou Amaltellak Ana?
2. Leila Ba'd Leila
3. Moush Arfa Ansak
4. Jannanto
5. Yeslamli
6. Ana Habbaitou
7. Gai Walla Nsit
8. Elli Mou Aal Bal
9. Betkhaf Aleik Addi
10. La Far'a Ma'ak

Download Here
256 Kbps + Covers


Shams said...

Ana 7abeytooo men awel marra elli reytouuuuuu laken secreytouuuuu
I wish she'd shot it

Shams said...
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