Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Various Artists - Dance H1ts

As simply as the title states, this album is a collection of some of the top Arabic hits released between 2006 and 2008, remixed into dance songs by Aytekin Kurt. The album opens with Tigi Mennak, originally a typical Madkour maksoum song, now remixed into a great dance song. Aytekin successfully transforms Ensa Elli Rah, Ayami Bik, Hayda Haki, Nwakel Aleik Rabbi, Aini Alaik, and Bihen, making you listen to them as if they were new again. The majority of the songs are great dance songs, what Aytekin does best, while Saber's is turned into a hip-hop song, and Amal and Wael's are turned into mellower, chillout songs. Aytekin keeps the original strings in many of the songs, keeping the oriental origins of the music intact. The less interesting songs, Eini Aal Gharam and Ana Wel Lail, were not remixed as smoothly, and Aletli Oul drowns the vocals out too much for this listener. Nasser El As'ad and Cem Erman collaborate on Nour El Sahar, taking Erman's Gümüş theme and turning it into a full-blown dance song, with Assi Al Hillani's expressive voice taking it to new places. Definitely one of the best compilations this year, Dance H1ts is for fans of dance and club music as well as those simply looking to rediscover the songs they love already.


1. Nawal Al Zoghbi - Tigi Mennak
2. Amr Diab - Aletli Oul
3. Najwa Karam - Hayda Haki
4. Elissa - Ayami Bik
5. Fadl Shaker - Ensa Elli Rah
6. Marwan Khoury - Ana Wel Lail
7. Ramy Ayach - Eini Aal Gharam
8. Saber Rebai - Nwakel Aleik Rabbi
9. Amal Hijazi - Aini Alaik
10. Wael Kfoury - Bihen
11. Assi Al Hillani - Nour El Sahar (feat. Melissa)
12. Sanawat Al Daya' (Music Remix)

Download Here
256 Kbps + Covers


Anonymous said...

hi the blog very very good, pls cau re-up this album :)


Tabbouche said...

I'm working on it ;).

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was wondering if you could upload Arwa's album Enta Aarefni? Thank you! :)

Tabbouche said...

I'm sorry, I don't have that one, thanks for stopping by :).

S. said...

Let's add some Hind then! Ha! Sorry had to bring that one up again!

parviziyi said...

The delightful "Enta Aarefni" can be downloaded at 160kbps at dewaniya.com:
(may require registration, which only takes a minute).