Sunday, December 28, 2008

Assi Al Hillani - Zghireh El Denyeh

Assi Al Hillani never made an album as diverse as Zghireh El Denyeh, and the success that followed was only natural. The album includes the smash hits Habibi Yalli Nasini, Senin, Ouli Jayeh, as well as Zghireh El Denyeh and an electronic remix of the the 2000 hit El Hawa Tayer. Though Tarek Abou Jaoudeh does not dominate this album (like he did Forset Omur), his work is stellar all the same on all four songs he composed: Habibi Yalli Nasini, Ouli Jayeh, Dayeb Fik, and Tarani. Whether its pure pop songs, like the title song or Dayeb Fik, dabke songs like Lamma Betkouni Ma'i and Ala Ain, or fusions like Habibi Yalli Nasini and Tarani, Zghireh El Denyeh is an album that doesn't disappoint. The list of musicians and arrangers Assi worked with is just as impressive, with arrangers Hadi Sharara, Jean-Marie Riachi, Boudi Naoum, and Ravi. Also on the list is ─░smail Tun├žbilek (on saz), Maher El Ali (ney and kawala), and strings by Jihad Akl, Raymond Nassif, and Orchestra Gundem from Turkey.

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1. Zghireh El Denyeh
2. Habibi Yalli Nasini
3. Senin
4. Ouli Jayeh (feat. Karol Sakr)
5. Lamma Betkouni Ma'i
6. Tarani
7. Dayeb Fik
8. Ala Ain
9. Inti El Ha'i'a
10. Weili
11. Be Einak Shoug
12. Haniyalak
13. El Hawa Tayer (Remix)

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