Friday, December 19, 2008

Nancy Ajram - Ah We Noss (Collector's Edition)

If Ya Salam as Nancy's first taste of fame, Ah We Noss laid the foundation for the singer who was about to become one of the Arab World's biggest acts. Unlike her previous album, which succeeded thanks to its three wildly successful singles, Ah We Noss was full of excellent songs. Many collaborators return, such as Samir Sfair (tracks 7, 8, & 11), Mohamed Saad (Oul Tani Eih), Tony Saba (tracks 3 & 6), Adel Aayesh (Ta'ala Ya), Tarek Madkour (tracks 1, 4, & 7), and Mohamed Mostafa (Ana Leih). Nancy also worked with several musicians for the first time, like Tarek Aakef (tracks 8 & 11), Mahmoud Khayami (Baddala' Aleik), Walid Saad (Hobbak Liya), Fadi Saad (Sana Wara Sana), Khaled Jenaid (Ta'ala Ya), Medhat Khamis (Hobbak Liya), Mohamed Rahim (Ana Leih), and Tarek Abou Jaoudeh (Lawn Eyounak). Colossal hits like Ah We Noss, Lawn Eyounak, Oul Tani Eih, and Inta Eih need no introduction, but everyone has their own personal favorites as well among the remaining tracks (like mine, Baddala' Aleik). This remastered, repackaged version of Nancy's hit 2004 album gives the audio the quality and clarity it deserves.

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1. Ah We Noss
2. Baddala' Aleik
3. Lawn Eyounak
4. Oul Tani Eih
5. Ta'ala Ya
6. Sana Wara Sana
7. Inta Eih
8. Gaiyin Ye'oulouli
9. Ana Leih
10. Hobbak Liya
11. La Teloum

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